With years of experience in dance performance,choreography, staging, artistic direction and production, Geneviève Cleary started working in the entertainment industry at 8 yrs old, being featured as a tap dancer of Canada’s top TV shows. After touring and working as a dancer/choreographer across North America, she established Belluscious Productions in 2003 and has since won countless awards- including the 2006 Special Event Award (Los Angeles, CA) and an ADDY Award as an Art Director.

Geneviève continues to showcase the originality of her vision and her company in events staged from the US West Coast to Brazil, for clients including Cirque du Soleil, Mercedes Benz, Chanel, International Film Festival just to name a few. Her modern style is inspired by the elegance of women featured in great movie and musical classics from the 1920’s to 1950’s, as well as over 15 years performing with prestigious worldwide dance connoisseurs such as Fred Kelly (brother of Gene Kelly), Savion Glover, Gregory Hines, and Debby Allen.

Named "one of Montreal’s most innovative young woman in the country" by Canada's Filles Magazine, Geneviève’s show La Revue ( presented at the Fleur de Lys Cabaret Theatre on Bourbon Street, in New Orleans) has been favorably reviewed by the American media (the 50th Anniversary Edition of Playboy Magazine proclaimed the show was "hottest thing to hit Bourbon street since Tabasco sauce!"). Celebrities such as Dustin Hoffman and John Cusack quoted that it was one of the best show they had seen in a long time. Other credits include off-Broadway and headlining productions for casinos across Canada that also proclaimed Genevieve as a brilliant Choreographer and Director (Explore Dance Magazine, NYC ) .

Since 2003, Geneviève has also been pursuing a focus on mixing theatrical performances/ themes with main events featuring celebrities or renowned dj’s such as : Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, David Guetta, Bob Sinclair, Vendetta, Dave Navarro, Crystal Method, Deep Dish just to name a few.

Her vision consists of branding the performers according to the style of music the artist plays and to the artist’s branding. Magazines across North America acclaimed Geneviève’s innovative way of working in the nightlife industry. Her capacity of combining multimedia with live performances has been making her an expert in a field that is still unkown by many. One of her big break in 2000 with Harmony 2000 (produced by the Canadian Government - broadcasted worldwide and presented in front of 70 000 people) is still a masterpiece and consider "avant-gardes" today. She had been the youngest collaborator to ever work on such massive Governmental production,directed by Victor Pilon and Michel Lemieux.

She recently made a name for herself on the International Nightclub industry and continues to build momentum with innovative breakthroughs such as Las Vegas’ award winning production "Perfecto" inside Rain Nightclub at the Palms (featuring Paul Oakenfold), as well as the Get Wild world tour ( Sharam ). In March 2010, Genevieve also had the privilege of being the first choreographer – artistic director to work on the This Is It Michael Jackson Tribute, featuring some original members of the Michael Jackson show (and movie). The show was presented in Asia and also featured Asian guest pop star Yunho. Ms Cleary was also officially invited by Jermaine Jackson to be part of the Michael Jackson England tribute (featuring Prince, Stevie Wonder, Usher,…).

Her expertise has also been requested by Manga, the Turkish musical group (winner of the 2009 MTV Awards for best European Group). Genevieve was asked to art direct and choreograph/create a unique style performance to accompany the group for its appearance at the Eurovision competition-taking place in Norway. Eurovision is broadcast across Europe with an estimated 120 million viewers and is the most prestigious European musical event in the Industry. The Turkish entry came in 2nd out of 59 participating countries.

Other credits include: co-choreographer So You Think You Can Dance Canada in 2009, choreographer and artistic director for the Vancouver Olympics in 2010, TV show The Business ( USA ) , Tout Sur Moi ( Canada ), Celebration 2010 ( Canada )…